Hearing loss caused by noise is considered a work injury!How many decibels of noise is considered occupational injury?

In the occupational disease certification process, only workers engaged in noise operations can be diagnosed as occupational noise deafness if they have noise deafness.

Basically, when the 8-hour equivalent continuous A sound level in the working environment of a company is greater than 80dB, employees need to be subjected to noise-related occupational health inspections, and when it is greater than 85, they need to be equipped with personal protective equipment such as earplugs. 03. Risk management countermeasures for noise occupational hazards

5. If the risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure is extremely high, while taking prescribed measures, corresponding engineering control measures should be taken in time for rectification.After the rectification is completed, sanitation evaluation and risk evaluation are carried out on the control and protection effects.

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