How to care for sudden deafness?

4. Misuse of ototoxic drugs to cause deafness is also a problem that cannot be ignored.Now that people have certain medical knowledge, the phenomenon of random medication is more common.There are many drugs that can cause tinnitus and deafness. Among them, some antipyretic and analgesics, such as aspirin, and certain antibiotics such as gentamicin and streptomycin, are more harmful.Therefore, it is recommended to use medication under the guidance of a doctor, and avoid the troubles caused by random medication.

 5. Avoid smoking and drinking.Develop good living habits is very beneficial to the recovery of the disease.Irregular and strong stimulating noise can not only cause psychological discomfort, but also damage hearing.Noise damage to hearing is slow, progressive, and difficult to treat.Strongly stimulating music can also cause hearing loss.Deafness caused by noise is characterized by high-profile tinnitus, which changes from intermittent to continuous, and then causes deafness.

Patients with sudden deafness should be at home calmly, especially avoid exposure to noise or excessive loud sounds, and keep the home environment tidy; prevent colds, some patients with sudden deafness may be indirectly related to colds; be careful not to overwork. Do daily life, diet is rationed.

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