Does the child need to be trained to bring hearing aids?

Each of the above seven steps is by no means an independent process, but a continuous and intersecting process.The core rehabilitation principles of language training are: recover as soon as possible, create a good listening and language environment for the child, master effective training methods, regularly evaluate the effect, and then formulate a training plan based on the results to give full play to the role of parents in the process.Due to hearing impairment, deaf children cannot communicate with the outside world normally, even if they wearHearing aid, Language skills will also have obstacles. “0 to 2 years old deaf children with suitableHearing aid, Provide targeted hearing and language training, and the language loss rate is only between 5% and 20%, which means that it is basically the same as a normal person. Therefore, the earlier you receive language training, the better, and the younger the chance of recovery Bigger. “So children should be sent to the language training school as soon as possible when they put on hearing aids.

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