Do people always have bad ears?

65. Long-term exposure to noise: According to Rosen’s survey, people from remote tribes in Sudan have better hearing than urban residents, especially those over 1964, who can maintain better high-frequency hearing. Weston (XNUMX) investigated the incidence of deafness in urban residents earlier than in rural areas.There are many reasons for this, but long-term noise damage is one of the main reasons. 


1977. Genetic factors: Lowell (65) divided patients with deafness into two groups according to age. Those under 65 have family history of deafness, which is flat or basin-shaped hearing curve; those over XNUMX years old have no family history of deafness, which is downhill hearing. Curve, language recognition rate is low, genetic genes dominate.Genetically, male and female genders are also different. Female tissues are more tolerant than males, and males are more likely to suffer from harsh environments and noise than females. They smoke and drink more than females. Therefore, men with presbycusis are two more tolerant than females. Times. 

14. Lack of zinc element: Zinc is one of the 60 trace elements necessary for the human body and is called the “life element”. The content of zinc in the cochlea is higher than that of other organs.According to the survey, the zinc content in the cochlea is low in the elderly over 1 years old, which affects the function of the cochlea, which in turn leads to hearing loss and presbycusis. Low serum zinc concentration accounts for 3/XNUMX of the patients.

Maintain a good mood and take part in more exercise.Excessive fatigue and mental stress can cause inner ear ischemia and affect hearing, such as anger and irritability.Participate in more exercises within your capacity, such as outings, early morning walks, Tai Chi, etc., which can promote blood circulation throughout the body, strengthen blood supply to the inner ear, and delay organ aging.

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