What factors cause senile hearing loss?

One is natural degradation. The speed of degradation varies from person to person. The human auditory system will continue to change as the body ages. The incidence of ear diseases is also higher than that of young people.The cerumen glands of the elderly are less secreted, the elasticity of the auricle is reduced, the external auditory canal is drier, and cerumen embolism is prone to occur.The same is true for the inner ear. As we age, the hair cells in the inner ear will be lost. Generally speaking, the hair cells at the base of the cochlea are lost more seriously, and the hearing loss at high frequencies will be more severe.

The second is related to external factors, including environmental noise, taking ototoxic drugs antibiotics, or other diseases (such as: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes) caused by so on.

Among the causes of senile hearing loss, aging is not the main factor, and there are other unknown factors such as genetics, diet, environmental factors, mental stress, metabolic abnormalities, etc.

Cerumen embolism, otitis media, glossopharyngeal tumors and otosclerosis have a higher incidence in the elderly, and otosclerosis is often conductiveHearing loss, And may or may not be accompanied by cochlear disease.

In addition, there are some mental illnesses, such as depression, Alzheimer’s dementia and other cognitive impairments are also related to hearing loss, but depression or dementia sometimes causes inattention or confusion, which can be mistaken for hearing loss.For this group of people, a systematic audiological examination can be used for auxiliary diagnosis.

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