What causes hearing loss in children?

In today’s society, there is only one child or one daughter in the family, so parents attach great importance to every problem in their children’s growth.Nowadays, many children have been diagnosed with imperfect hearing function, which makes parents worried.

After the child is born, that is, during the newborn period, the child’s eardrums are very thin and fragile. Parents should also take care of them after frequent hearing tests. Children in this period should not be stimulated by external noises and try not to speak too loudly. Because too loud may damage the child’s hearing, in addition, when bathing the child, be careful not to let water enter the ear to prevent otitis media.In addition, the breastfeeding posture should be correct to prevent the child from choking, because choking may also cause acute otitis media.

欧美等发达国家,将儿童听力筛查的年龄延伸至学龄儿童。英国入学听力筛查按 1、2、3、5和7岁年龄段进行 (即周期性儿童听力筛查 )美国《儿童听力筛查指南》将儿童听力筛查年龄规定为 6个月至高中生,强调至少应该筛查学龄前、幼儿园和 1、3、5、7或9年级学生,对于高年级学生应当注意高频听力损失的筛查和保健指导。

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