Noise makes it difficult to fall asleep, but white noise can help sleep?

The sound of construction on the construction site, the whistling of vehicles coming and going, and even the noise of home appliances are all haunting our sleep.

Living in a modern city, it is difficult to completely isolate noise, especially for sensitive people, who are often affected by noise and have difficulty falling asleep.

For example, the sound of rain, the sound of wind blowing leaves, the sound of waves crashing, the rustling of television and radio in the white space… These are actually white noise.

It is impossible to achieve absolute tranquility in our daily environment. Although various background noises do not attract our attention in normal times, in fact our brains are still paying attention to these signals all the time.

Simply put, it is not that the noise makes us unable to fall asleep, but that the changes in these sounds cause the brain’s stress response, which secretes hormones to keep our body awake.

In general, white noise is a very effective solution when it is difficult to fall asleep or concentrate.If you are troubled by noise, try to let white noise weaken those sounds that make people difficult to sleep at night, and have a high-quality sleep.

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