Is it better to use hearing aids for deafness or cochlea?

Hearing aids are suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.However, due to the different types and quality of hearing aids, the sound signal amplification effect is also different, that is, the “fidelity” of the sound signal is different.The hearing impaired will sound differently.Cochlear implants are suitable for people with severe hearing impairment, that is, those who cannot be helped by hearing aids.

A cochlear implant is essentially a special sound-electric conversion electronic device. The cochlear implant uses electrodes implanted in the inner ear to bypass the damaged part of the inner ear, and directly stimulate the auditory nerve with electric current, which can enable the patient to regain the sense of hearing. This is not possible with hearing aids. Did it.But it’s not that cochlear implants are better than hearing aids. If there is residual hearing, hearing aids can improve communication. It is better to choose hearing aids. If both sides are really severely sensorineural deafness, cochlear implants may be the last gospel.

Cochlear implants are not as good as hearing aids in terms of low-frequency compensation. Hearing aids are not as good as cochlear implants in terms of high-frequency compensation. Therefore, some people in foreign countries use hearing aids and cochlear implants at the same time on one ear. One direction of the development of hearing aid technology is to increase bandwidth and compensate more. high frequency.Cochlear implants are implanted through surgery, which is a harmful operation and may have complications, and the surgery is irreversible. The cochlear implant can be replaced afterwards.Hearing aids are only externally worn, no harm, no complications, and optional reversible, hearing aids or cochlear implants can be replaced later.Because the cochlear implant requires surgery, the postoperative changes are irreversible, that is, the damage that may be caused by the cochlea after surgery will not recover.Therefore, it is recommended that parents choose a suitable hearing aid for 3 to 6 months before deciding to implant a cochlear implant in their child, and then implant the cochlear implant after confirming that the hearing aid is invalid, otherwise it will cause unnecessary harm to the child.In addition, the prices of cochlear implants and hearing aids vary greatly.Cochlear implants and hearing aids are not contradictory. The most important thing is to make scientific choices based on the patient’s condition, centering on maximum hearing compensation and rehabilitation effects, and based on the current economic and overall situation, without delay or advance.

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