How to protect and use the residual hearing of deaf children?

Children’s language learning is actually a process of imitating speech. Only by hearing clear and complete speech signals can they pronounce correctly and correct the wrong pronunciation.Therefore, the higher the clarity of the hearing aid and the higher the comfort level, the clearer and complete the child will hear, and the greater the hearing aid it will bring to the child.In order for children to develop their language expression skills, feel the various sounds of nature, and integrate into the group of normal children like children with normal hearing, it is generally recommended to choose hearing aids that are all digital hearing aid products above the middle and low grades to obtain satisfactory rehabilitation effects. .In principle, if the hospital fails the hearing screening three times, you can wear a hearing aid.It is not recommended to wear it within 3 months.

Some people think that the child has only a little residual hearing. Wouldn’t the hearing aid be damaged if the hearing aid is used early?This is a misunderstanding.Sound may damage your hearing, but if you don’t use your hearing, what should you keep for it?If you can learn a language with a hearing aid at an early age, it is a leap from a disabled person to a non-disabled person!

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