Will regular drinking affect my hearing?

Long-term drinking will cause malnutrition in the body and cause multivitamin deficiency. The alcohol in the wine has the effect of constricting blood vessels. Generally, 5 minutes after drinking white wine, the alcohol will enter the blood, and then enter the body through the blood, and the human tissues and organs. At the same time that various systems are poisoned by alcohol, there will be systemic microcirculation disorders including cerebrovascular, as well as affecting the microcirculation of the inner ear and cochlea. Many people suffering from sudden deafness and tinnitus are directly related to heavy drinking.

For patients with hearing loss, preventive health care should also be actively carried out in life.Maintain an optimistic, healthy, and not irritable mood; develop good eating habits.Adjust your diet, eat more healthy foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, avoid long-term consumption of high-salt, high-fat, and low-fiber foods, avoid overeating, and quit smoking and alcohol.Use caution or ban drugs that are damaging to the auditory nerve; stay away from the source of noise in your daily life. If there is no way to avoid it, you should also minimize noise stimulation.

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