Is there a direct relationship between lowering blood lipids and hearing?

There is indeed a certain relationship between hyperlipidemia and hearing impairment, and high triglycerides in hyperlipidemia are more obvious than high cholesterol, and hypercholesterolemia does not seem to have a significant effect on hearing.Hearing impairment mainly refers to hearing impairment caused by noise, which is also the main reason for most hearing impairment.Many researchers have found that the hearing loss of people with hyperlipidemia is more pronounced when exposed to noise than those without hyperlipidemia.

Although the specific mechanism is still unclear, animal experiments show that hyperlipidemia can affect the blood supply of the auditory nerve, the structure of the nerve myelin and so on.

Based on these findings, for those who have high risk factors for hearing loss, such as those who work in workshops and parking lots all year round, they should pay attention to controlling their blood lipid levels and avoid foods rich in saturated fatty acids, such as fatty meat, etc.
After the examination, it is confirmed that the hearing impairment is caused by hyperlipidemia. Active prevention and treatment should be taken to reduce blood lipids and improve hearing.There are many drugs for lowering blood lipids, such as statins, but they should also be selected according to people.There are generally no special medicines for improving hearing. Traditional Chinese medicine, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts and other foods can help; celery, lettuce, bitter gourd, onions, etc. are great for reducing blood lipids.

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