What are the common causes of acquired deafness in children?

At present, there are about 5000 million deaf-mute persons with disabilities in our country. Therefore, it is very necessary to popularize perinatal hearing1 health care knowledge, achieve prenatal and postnatal care, and improve the overall health of the people.The ear is the auditory organ among the five senses of the human body (the balance organ is also in the ear). It can feel all kinds of sounds in the natural world. Imagine how painful a deaf-mute person faces a silent world!

Since parents now hope that their children are better, they put too much pressure on their children, and the accumulation of excessive pressure is an important reason for sudden deafness in children today.Stress, fatigue, etc. will cause the body’s immunity to decline, endocrine disorders, local vascular congestion, etc., which may cause local hypoxia and ischemia. If it occurs in the ears, it will affect the tissue function of the ear and affect hearing.

8. Sudden deafness: Sudden deafness is a kind of sensorineural hearing loss that occurs suddenly and has an unknown cause.At present, it is believed that acute vascular obstruction and viral infection are common causes of this disease.The lesion may involve the spiral organs, or even rupture of the vestibular membrane and cochlear window membrane.Deafness can appear instantaneously, or it can quickly reach a peak within a few hours or days. It is mostly unilateral. There are also cases of binaural disease, accompanied by tinnitus, and some may be accompanied by dizziness.Early treatment can achieve better results.

To prevent deafness in children, we must first do well in eugenics and pay attention to health care during pregnancy.Parents often seek medical advice when the child has symptoms such as “big tongue, slurred speech; not calling mom or dad after three years old; standing on the left side of the child can communicate smoothly, but standing on the right side does not respond” and other symptoms. In fact, In these cases, most of the children’s hearing problems are caused!At present, deafness is one of the most important problems affecting the quality of human life.Infants and young children are the best period for hearing and speech development. If the deafness that occurs during this period is not detected in time, it will have varying degrees of impact on the child’s future speech therapy development.

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