How do patients with otitis media fly by plane?

Airplanes have become a common means of transportation for travel or business trips, and more and more people have the experience of flying; however, some people experience swelling or pain in their ears at certain times when flying. In severe cases, tinnitus and tinnitus may occur. Hearing loss.Why is this?This condition occurs when flying or diving, and is medically called “barotraumatic otitis media or aviation otitis media”.

Otitis mediaHow does the patient fly?

Patients with otitis media can fly by plane.But you must pay attention to it yourself, because your Eustachian tube is not functioning well. When the air pressure changes, the Eustachian tube will be affected when the air pressure changes. Therefore, you must take precautions before you fly. A follow-up observation.

1. Try not to take an airplane. When you must take a flight, you can inject some nasal drops such as ephedrine and Nose Eye Clean to eliminate or reduce the congestion and swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa to ensure good ventilation and keep the Eustachian tube unobstructed. Balance the air pressure inside and outside the middle ear.

3. Wear airplane earplugs. Airplane earplugs are specially developed products specifically designed for passengers to experience strong discomfort or pain due to air pressure changes due to changes in air pressure when passengers take an airplane, which can effectively relieve patients with otitis media. The condition worsened while flying on the plane.

Finally, the editor friendly reminds that when aviation otitis media is severe, tympanic membrane congestion and indentation, tympanic effusion or tympanic effusion (mucosal vascular rupture) can occur, and tympanic membrane rupture can also occur in severe cases, and it needs to be treated correctly according to relevant measures.Therefore, it is not recommended for patients with otitis media to fly again, and then fly again after the cure.

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