On the 9th day of the baby today, the neighbors downstairs started to renovate, there is noise, will it affect the baby’s hearing?

Baby today, on the 9th day, the neighbor downstairs is drivingWhen the decoration is started, there is noise, will it affect the baby’s hearing?

噪音对人的危害决定于噪音的量和接触的时间. 人耳刚刚能听到的声音是0-10分贝.分贝值每上升10,表示音量增加10倍,即从1分贝到20分贝表示音量增加了100倍.人低声耳语约为30分贝,大声说话为60-70分贝.分贝值在60以下为无害区,60-110为过渡区,110以上是有害区.汽车噪音为80-100分贝,电视机伴音可达85分贝,装修噪音为80~135.人们长期生活在85-90分贝的噪音环境中,就会得“噪音病”.电锯声是110分贝.喷气式飞机的声音约为130分贝.当声音达到120分贝时,人耳便感到疼痛.

In order to protect your baby’s hearing from these invisible damages, the pediatrician suggests that you may as well ask the relevant departments to measure the household environmental noise in accordance with the requirements of the national standards to see if your household noise has exceeded the indoor environmental noise limit, such as family members need to talk. Raise your voice to remind you that you are already in a noise environment above 60 decibels. You must immediately take measures to solve the noise source and sound transmission channels, and early sound absorption, sound insulation, shock isolation, etc., to make your baby free from the hazards of household noise!

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