Young man, don’t lower your head, your ears will scream!

Do you and your family who work at the desk at work, play mobile phones after get off work, play games for a long time on weekends, and watch TV in bed before going to bed, do you and your family often feel uncomfortable in the cervical spine?

In the past, cervical spondylosis was mostly a common disease of middle-aged and elderly people, but with the advancement of time and the development and popularization of computers and smart phones, cervical spondylosis tends to be younger and younger.

Cervical spondylosis not only causes symptoms such as neck and back pain, upper limb weakness, and finger numbness, but also tinnitus. Do you know why?

This is because cervical spondylosis can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. The bone hyperplasia of the cervical spine compresses the cone-basal artery, causing symptoms of ischemia. The basilar artery exits the posterior cerebral artery on the brain stem, and the internal auditory artery that supplies blood to the ear comes from The posterior cerebral artery, tinnitus symptoms appear as a result.

The occurrence of cervical spondylotic tinnitus is often related to the movement of the neck. When the cervical spondylosis recurs, tinnitus can occur. If the cervical spondylosis improves, the tinnitus will disappear.

 1. Have an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.Once you have tinnitus, don’t be overly nervous and receive treatment in time.And can actively take advantage of other advantages (such as hobbies and love of one’s own job, etc.) to distract one’s attention from tinnitus, adjust their pace of life, and cultivate more points of interest.

 3. Because the cause of tinnitus is relatively slow and the course of the disease does not occur in a short period of time, treatment generally takes a long time. Therefore, the patient must have perseverance in the process of cooperating with the treatment and do not give up easily.

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