What are the hearing performances of babies of different ages?

7-8 months: At this time, the baby can listen to his own pronunciation and the pronunciation of others, and also establish a connection between the voice and the content of the voice.When babies are 8 months old, they can basically judge whether they are friendly or not from their voices, and they can also imitate human visual and auditory activities.

10-12 months: The baby already has a good sound localization ability, can clearly locate the movement, and can also actively turn his head to the place where the sound is made. In other words, the baby has the ability to distinguish the direction of the sound.

3 years old: The baby can exercise properly such as ball games, can use plural nouns and even understand simple essay questions, and gradually master the skills of reciting nursery rhymes.

Usually, let the baby listen to the natural sounds in life: such as walking, running water, talking, cars, wind, rain, etc., but be careful to avoid noisy noise; for newborns, you can put different tones in the crib Or tonal sound-producing toys, such as rattles, music boxes, rubber toys, etc.; when the mother holds the baby, it is best to keep the baby close to the mother’s heart so that the mother’s heartbeat can be heard clearly, so as to stimulate the auditory cells and promote the development of hearing; Talk to your baby softly, hum or play some rhythmic soothing music; and let the baby distinguish the footsteps, voices, and sounds of certain animals from father, mother and other people in the family. These sounds can promote the baby’s hearing development Very useful.

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