What is happening with sudden tinnitus?

Although medications cannot treat tinnitus, these can help reduce the severity of tinnitus symptoms in some cases.Drugs that can help tinnitus include tricyclic antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. These drugs can relax people even if they have tinnitus discomfort and feel less anxious.

Find out the cause and choose the right treatment method. Sudden tinnitus is one of the acute and severe cases of otolaryngology. The cause is complex, and there is no recognized specific medicine.However, many sudden tinnitus can be cured. Active treatment is very important. The earlier the treatment, the more timely the best.For those who start treatment within one week of onset, more than 8% of patients can be cured or partially recovered; if the course of the disease exceeds 7 days, the treatment effect is poor.If the course of the disease exceeds one month, treatment should not be given up, because the disease may still be in the process of recovery.During the treatment of sudden tinnitus, audiometry tests should also be performed regularly [1].

First of all, you should adjust your mentality. Don’t be too concerned about tinnitus, don’t be overly nervous, and you should receive a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment in time.Actively cooperate with the treatment during the diagnosis and treatment process, and can actively play other hobbies to distract oneself from tinnitus, adjust the rhythm of life, and cultivate more points of interest.Secondly, avoid staying in a noisy environment for a long time or excessive exposure to noise, avoid or use ototoxic drugs cautiously, smoke less, drink less alcohol, have a regular daily routine, and sleep too long (7-8 hours for middle-aged and young people, elderly People can sleep for 6 hours).Finally, because the cause of tinnitus is slow and the course of the disease occurs in a very short time, treatment generally takes a long time.Therefore, patients must have perseverance in the process of cooperating with the treatment and do not give up easily.

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