What is better for people with otitis media?

The incidence of otitis media is increasing year by year, and many patients do not see any improvement after treatment. The prerequisite for this phenomenon is that the treatment of otitis media is wrong, and it has a certain relationship with diet.I believe people with otitis media know how much this disease has on the health and life of the patient.In addition to active treatment of otitis media, attention should also be paid to diet.

Once you find that you have symptoms of otitis media, you should go to the ear hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, and pay attention to dietary taboos during the illness. Don’t eat something that patients with otitis media cannot eat because of temporary gluttony.And eat a lot of light foods in daily life.

Indications: Suppurative otitis media, which belongs to the type of nephron loss and stagnation of evil poison, pus in the ears, unhealed for a long time, small amount, or filthy or lumpy, dizziness and fatigue, sore waist and knees, spermatorrhea .

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