How to treat sudden deafness?

Due to capillary cell edema and reduced cochlear blood flow, the cochlea is hypoxic. Some patients with sudden deafness decrease the perilymph oxygen pressure. Therefore, the ultimate goal of treatment is to restore the oxygen pressure in the cochlea.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce inner ear edema and ischemia and hypoxia damage, improve inner ear circulation, and can also significantly increase the oxygen partial pressure of blood and tissue cells, the volume of blood in plasma and the diffusion radius in tissues, and accelerate inner ear hair cells and The repair of vestibular nerve fibers can also reduce platelet aggregation and reduce blood viscosity, so it can be used for the treatment of sudden deafness.The effect of treatment is related to the duration of illness.With the accumulation of treatment experience, the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen combined with drugs and other treatment methods is better than that of single hyperbaric oxygen therapy.According to clinical observations, hyperbaric oxygen therapy combined with certain psychological nursing measures is more effective. Individualized psychological counseling is adopted for patients with sudden deafness. The psychological pressure of the patients is reduced, and the treatment can be well coordinated to make the treatment proceed smoothly. Obtain better clinical efficacy.


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If you are overworked, you don’t know what disease you will get. If you have a cold, it will be fine if you die within a week, but if you have sudden deafness, it will be worse, because sudden deafness is a neurological disease, generally neurological. It is difficult to cure the disease completely, it will leave sequelae, and it will be accompanied by tinnitus for a lifetime.So I warn everyone that you must not be overworked, take a rest in time, so that your body can be relieved, work can be relieved, and you can do it again. If your body is broken, your health will not be restored.

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