How to find hearing problems in infants and young children?

15-18 months: Indifferent to calls from the next room or far away.

For newborns who have undergone hearing screening, the results of the initial re-screening have not passed, and they have been diagnosed in the hospital.Hearing loss, You must actively treat.If the doctor says that it is not in the scope of treatment such as drugs and surgery, then you must find a professional to help your child fit within six months of ageHearing aid, Cochlear implantation is performed when necessary.If the child passes the screening but is suspected of having abnormal hearing behavior and response as the child grows up, he should go to the hospital for diagnosis immediately.

Generally, hearing impairment in one ear is not easy to find, while hearing impairment in both ears with moderate or higher levels can be found by careful observation by parents.What will happen if the baby has a hearing impairment? It varies according to whether the hearing impairment is one ear or both ears, the nature and degree of the hearing loss, the age of onset and the developmental age of the baby.Hearing impaired manifestations include poor response to environmental sounds; small babies sleep heavily when sleeping; hard to be awakened; when playing, they appear particularly attentive and insensitive to people and things around them; older babies watch TV more loudly than normal people ; Or often ask the speaker to repeat; the poor academic performance of some school-age babies is also related to hearing.The impact of hearing impairment on speech development is manifested in: the baby speaks late, vocabulary, and language ability are lower than those of the same age; slurred or even unable to speak at the age of 3 or 4.

The purpose of children’s hearing care is to protect and promote children’s normal hearing development, early detection of children’s hearing impairment through hearing screening, and hearing and language rehabilitation.However, most babies’ hearing is normal. Parents generally don’t think of hearing tests. Only when there are obvious abnormalities (such as language barriers or unresponsiveness, etc.) for a long period of time but the cause cannot be confirmed. Seek a doctor for examination. At this time, the best time for diagnosis and treatment may have been delayed.

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