Will a child’s fever and cold cause hearing loss?

Hearing is more important for everyone. Having good hearing can better listen to the wonderful sounds of the world. For children, the hearing system is relatively fragile and vulnerable to injuries, such as setting off firecrackers and fever. The child’s hearing is affected, and it can cause great harm to the child.

The most common occurrence of acute otitis media in children is infection through the Eustachian tube. After a cold, the inflammation of the pharynx and nose spreads to the Eustachian tube, the Eustachian tube and the lumen mucosa appear congestion and swelling, and the ciliary movement is impaired, causing disease. Bacteria invades the middle ear and causes otitis media; secondly, the external auditory canal invades the middle ear; or bacteria circulate in the middle ear and cause inflammation in the middle ear.Because of the growth and development of the child, the eustachian tube is short and straight.After catching a cold, inflammation can easily spread to the short and straight Eustachian tube and its middle ear.Therefore, more than 7% of children with otitis media who go to the outpatient clinic of a hospital are caused by a cold.

3. If the child has a fever above 39°C, seek medical attention in time to prevent the temperature from being too high, burning the ear nerves, and causing serious damage to the child’s growth and development.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the causes and solutions of children’s hearing loss caused by colds and fevers. Children’s colds and fevers should not be regarded as trivial. Sometimes carelessness often leads to big mistakes. Of course, there are reasons for children’s hearing loss. Many kinds, such as sudden shocks and external stimuli, pay more attention to those caused by fever.

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