High blood lipids brighten up your hearing health

The etiology of presbycusis is, on the one hand, the result of the aging of the auditory system. On the other hand, other diseases of the body may also cause hearing loss.

This is because hyperlipidemia can cause inner ear lipid deposition and increase in lipid peroxide, which directly leads to inner ear cell damage, blood vessel atrophy, and presbycusis.

Therefore, the elderly with hyperlipidemia should actively treat hyperlipidemia and eat less high-fat and high-cholesterol foods. This will not only help prevent atherosclerosis, but also prevent presbycusis.

When the elderly suffer from hearing loss, in addition to considering whether it is the natural law caused by aging, or the hearing loss caused by high blood lipids.For deafness caused by hyperlipidemia, after reasonable treatment, if blood lipids are well controlled, hearing loss can be effectively delayed.

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