How does otitis media cause?

2. The nasal mucus contains a lot of viruses and bacteria. If both nostrils are pinched and blown hard, the pressure will force the nasal mucus to squeeze out to the eustachian tube and cause otitis media.

Pay attention to indoor ventilation and keep the nasal cavity breathing smooth, so as to effectively unclog the middle ear, because the five senses are connected.

There are many ways to treat otitis media. If it is an acute attack, patients usually choose cephalosporin antibiotics. You can choose to use cefradine or ofloxacin. These drugs can effectively kill various pathogenic microorganisms and treat The effect is relatively good.If it is a more serious patient, you can selectively take some glucocorticoid drugs. In fact, glucocorticoids have a good anti-inflammatory effect, but the side effects on the human body are also relatively large, so they are generally treated for short-term treatment. , The doctor will selectively use some drugs such as dexamethasone or prednisone, and these drugs have relatively good therapeutic effects.

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