Will infants and young children get otitis media?How to prevent it in normal times?

The Eustachian tube connects the nasal cavity and the middle ear.Children’s Eustachian tubes are shorter, wider, and straighter than adults’ Eustachian tubes.Therefore, more organisms are allowed to enter the middle ear from the respiratory tract, causing inflammation of the tonsils or otitis media.

② Do not feed the baby while lying on the bed.Because it is not conducive to swallowing when lying down, it will cause excess nutrient solution to flow out of the baby’s mouth, which is very likely to flow to the ears, causing otitis media.

3. Protect children from the hazards of contact with respiratory infections.

For example, children like to pull their ears, have inexplicable fever, crying and often shaking their heads.If your child does not show any symptoms, it does not mean that he does not have otitis media.Some patients with otitis media have no symptoms at first.So parents should not take it lightly.

If a child is found to be suffering from otitis media, be sure to bring it back to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, let the child rest, take care of the child’s diet, especially give the child soft food.This is to avoid aggravation of the symptoms of otitis media. For more specific and detailed introduction to disease prevention, you can consult authoritative doctors and experts for health help.

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