How does the teacher communicate with children who wear hearing aids?

The teacher must have sufficient patience to communicate with these children. If the child does not understand it again, he needs to slow down and repeat it to give the child a reaction process.Because children have not practiced pronunciation for a long time, related muscle strength and coordination may be affected. Therefore, depending on the specific situation, language rehabilitation training may also be required.Such children generally like to read books very much, as long as they correctly guide the children to read what kind of books.If the child is still young, you can choose some audio books or picture books to tell the child.The most important point is to put onHearing aid, It is necessary to communicate with people more, which can effectively improve the speech recognition rate.

5. Make sure that the children can see your face clearly.Try not to cover your face with your hands, hair or other objects.

For many hearing-impaired children, improving their language skills is not easy.However, the most important step for children to take to communicate with others is to build self-confidence.Parents of children should pay attention to nurturing their children’s interactions with other children of the same age, and to make children feel that they are normal and accepted.Even though the information you express may not be clear enough, other people still love them, accept them, and understand them.When children are willing to listen and talk more, their expression skills will naturally improve.This is a crucial step for children’s hearing aid wearers to improve their communication skills.

If children with hearing impairment want to truly integrate into the mainstream society, in addition to having good hearing, language, pronunciation and cognitive abilities, they also need to know how to communicate with others and master basic oral and behavioral communication skills.These should be paid attention to from the early stage of rehabilitation training. It will be very difficult to cultivate and establish these habits after the children are older.

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