Will hearing be affected after otitis media is cured?


Acute otitis media and secretory otitis media can cause thickening of the tympanic membrane and effusion of the middle ear. If the effusion of the middle ear is not effectively treated, it will lead to restricted movement of the ossicular chain of the middle ear and cause conductive deafness.Generally speaking, according to the evidence of symptomatic medicine, most children’s middle ear effusion will subside from the onset of onset to three months later, but there are still a small part of children whose middle ear effusion does not go away. The middle ear effusion will become Jelly shape, which affects hearing, this situation requires middle ear tube surgery to restore hearing.

3. Studies have shown that second-hand smoke is a high-risk factor, so parents must provide children with an environment free of second-hand smoke; the responsibility is heavy, disease prevention is always more important than cure.

2. If you are too old or your general condition cannot tolerate surgery, you can consider wearing it after controlling inflammationHearing aid.

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