What is wrong with my baby’s hearing loss?

1-3 months: No response to sudden loud noises. For example, a baby can make a sudden sound during sleep. If there is a reaction, it is usually manifested as a startle or arousal;

Childhood: When communicating, they often need to be repeated, sometimes they can hear others speaking, sometimes they can’t hear; they are often inattentive in class, learning new things is slower than other children; they often look at the speaker’s face intently to try to get more information , To help understand the content of the speech, etc.

5 years old: The child cannot communicate simply with others, or what he says is difficult to understand.

After school: For children in this period, the manifestations of their hearing loss are: frequent inattentiveness, unconsciousness, inattention, behavioral ability lower than children of the same period, or frequent colds or earaches.

3. During their pregnancy, some mothers have to take medicines for conditioning because they have been infected by some bacteria or viruses. This is likely to cause the abnormal hearing of the baby after birth, and prompt treatment Otherwise, when his age gradually increases, it will not be conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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