The language development of hearing impaired children is stagnant, what aspects should be paid attention to?

      Parents’ emotions and attitudes directly affect the physical and mental development of hearing-impaired children.After the child’s hearing loss is diagnosed, wise parents can generally adjust their emotions quickly and face reality correctly. Under the guidance of doctors and rehabilitation departments, refer to the development of normal children’s hearing and language. Deaf children formulate practical and feasible rehabilitation programs, with clear phased goals and specific measures, so as to regularly check the results and improve training methods.

Early selectionHearing aid.
        Under the guidance of the ear doctor, choose the matching for the childHearing aid。这项工作做得越早,效果越好。有一个听障儿童,四个月时经脑干测听,听力损失分别高达95dB和100dB,属极重度耳聋。由于立即配戴助听器,自然地养成了聆听的习惯。长期的适量的声音刺激,提高了他的听力水平和辨别语音的能力。他5岁时,配载助听器听力可达56一70分贝,属于中重度的一级重听,能在普通幼儿园接受教育,虽然由于对j、q、z、c、s等辅音的分辨较差,说话时吐字不大清楚,但四声正确,说话能使人听懂,还会演奏电子琴。由此可见,及早选配助听器对孩子的语言康复意义重大。家长要尽可能为孩子提供质量较好的助听器,并学会使用和保管助听器的方法,经常检查儿童的使用情况,及时更换电池。

Seven, give full play to the role of parents.

       In view of this, audiologists suggest that instead of buying expensive electronic toys for children, it is better to buy some traditional toys or picture books for children. Of course, parents also need to spare time to be patient with their children. Statistics from speech rehabilitation data show that parent-child communication The benefits to hearing-impaired children are far more than electronic “educational toys”.

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