How to avoid children’s congenital deafness?

The basic knowledge of prevention of congenital deafness should be widely publicized, and a census and screening of newborns should be carried out. More newborns should be screened to understand their hearing status. If there is congenital deafness, early intervention and treatment should be carried out according to the cause. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the reasons of acquired deafness, so that it will have a good role in promoting the protection of children’s hearing.

3. Many pathogens can affect the baby through the placenta, so the expectant mother must pay attention to the health of the body during the whole pregnancy, pay attention to balanced nutrition, appropriate exercise, and enhance the immunity of the body. Do not catch a cold or fever and be careful to affect the baby Health.

In short, during the whole pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be very cautious, protect themselves, and make the most perfect preparations for pregnancy in October and delivery at one time.

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