How to solve irreversible hearing loss?

Listening is a kind of ability that we are born with.For people, with the increasing complexity of the social environment, many factors such as trauma, noise, and antibiotic abuse may damage the ears and cause hearing loss.And for sensory nerves like the aboveHearing lossDoctors or professional opticians usually say that hearing loss is irreversible and cannot be repaired.

In the process of human language learning, it usually starts with imitation.When the ear receives the external sound, it will try to imitate.If a child’s hearing loss occurs in his early childhood and his parents do not pay enough attention to it, once the optimal stage of hearing compensation is missed, language development delay will occur when the child cannot clearly receive external sounds for a long time. The speech is slurred, even severe enough to be unable to speak.Therefore, the importance of listening is self-evident, it is an important foundation for children to learn language.

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