Will a noisy living environment affect my baby’s hearing?How to protect baby’s hearing?

      Babies’ hearing problems are often overlooked. Statistics show that the incidence of this disease is between one in 1000 and two in 1.In other words, 2 to XNUMX of every XNUMX new born children have hearing impairments.The baby’s language development and hearing affect each other. Simply put, whether the baby’s speaking ability is normal or not will also affect the baby’s hearing. So once you find that your hearing is not normal, you should also observe your baby’s language ability. At the same time it will affect the baby’s intelligence.

      A newly published research result shows that high noise in modern life will adversely affect the development of the language and speech functions of young children who are still in their developmental stages.The study found that the development of the auditory part of the brain of the developing mice was delayed after being continuously affected by noise.Researchers believe that this shows that environmental noise will affect the normal development of hearing function in young children.

4. If the home and school are surrounded by a busy environment, then children will always live in an excessively noisy environment whether they are going to school or at home. After a long time, the child’s hearing will definitely be affected.Therefore, parents should make small adjustments to the layout and arrangement of the room: parents can replace windows or doors with better sealing; choose quiet heating and ventilation equipment; let children stay in the room with the least external influence inside.These subtle adjustments can create an environment that is more conducive to protecting hearing ability for children.

      Noise not only affects hearing.In particular, environmental noise, such as traffic noise on busy streets, can have an immeasurable impact on the entire body.Tinnitus, rustling, or dull sensation after excessive sound is a sign of temporary hearing loss (temporary tinnitus).Because damaged cells in the inner ear can initially recover.However, the ears need 10 to 12 hours of necessary rest time.However, if the ears frequently or continuously suffer from excessive sound, it may cause chronic howling or even permanent hearing loss.For the safety of children, keep them away from noisy environments, protect their hearing, and allow them to grow up healthily.

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