Is it suitable for children with poor hearing?What should I do?

1. If you have poor hearing, you first need to go to the otolaryngology department to check the specific cause of hearing loss. If it is otitis media and secretory otitis media, this kind of hearing loss can be actively treated and cured. If it is sensorineural deafness, it needs to be given to improve circulation. Nutritional nerve treatment promotes recovery.

2. OptionalHearing aid.

The matching of hearing aids is similar to matching glasses. It is more professional and sophisticated than matching glasses. It is selected according to the patient’s hearing loss.If I can go to the store and go through an accurate hearing test to confirm the hearing level, the optician will make a professional adjustment and selection based on the patient’s hearing condition, so that the accuracy will be better; of course, the after-sales of the hearing aid is also very important.Because hearing aids are not disposable consumer items, they need long-term services, such as maintenance, debugging of the machine, communication when there is a problem with the machine, etc.!Therefore, hearing aids can’t be bought at random places. You must go to a professional fitting center to undergo a hearing test. The fitting technician analyzes the condition, analyzes the parameters of the machine, evaluates the wearing effect, etc., then the sound from the machine is the real you. Need sound.

Some parents see earwax growing in their children’s ears and must dig it up.Sometimes our ears feel itchy. In order to relieve the itching, mothers often like to take out dirty hairpins, match sticks, small wooden sticks or use long fingernails, etc., blindly dig in our ear canal. In this way, the germs are very serious. It is easy to enter the middle ear cavity, causing middle ear cavity infection, long-term pus discharge in the ear canal, and even perforation of the tympanic membrane, which affects hearing and even causes deafness.Too much earwax can be digged, but you must be careful.

Some drugs have obvious toxic effects on the auditory nerve of the ear for individuals with special allergies, such as streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin and other antibiotic drugs, even when the doctor injects us with the above drugs Parents must also carefully observe our hearing, tinnitus and other conditions. Once abnormalities occur, they must immediately inform the doctor and stop the medication.Otherwise, it will be too late to attract attention until the toxic deafness is obvious.

Pay attention to the explosion of firecrackers for swimming hygiene, which can cause hearing loss, so when we find someone setting off firecrackers, we should stand farther or cover our ears with our hands; usually a slap in the face can also cause deafness, because a slap in the face The resulting high pressure ruptures the tympanic membrane and damages our hearing for life.We should strengthen the protection of our ears when we swim and play in the water. Once water enters the ears, we should pour the water out in time to avoid causing ear infections and damage hearing.

Chronic suppurative otitis media or recurrent otitis media should be actively checked and treated in the hospital to control the development of the disease, which will have less impact on hearing in the future.If necessary, you have to follow the doctor’s advice and perform tympanic membrane repair surgery.Otherwise, repeated infections and discharge of pus will cause damage to the ossicles in the middle ear cavity, fractures, defects, etc., which will seriously affect our hearing.It is recommended that hearing aids be selected for intervention as soon as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable in your ears, you should go to a professional doctor for checkups on a regular basis, and you should not treat it blindly by yourself.Especially the elderly and children, the elderly with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a high incidence of cochlear dysfunction. They should be treated in time to prevent circulatory disorders and delay hearing loss.

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