Why do I have tinnitus and earache when the plane is landing?

Many people experience short-term earaches and stuffiness after flying on an airplane, and some people still have symptoms of tinnitus. What is going on?In fact, it’s very simple. These symptoms after taking an airplane are often related to the air pressure damage to the ears caused by the air pressure changes during the ascent and descent of the airplane. We call it “ear barotrauma”.

I believe everyone has had this experience during the ascent of the plane.When the aircraft is ascending, the outside air pressure is lower than the inner pressure of the middle ear, and the ears are stuffy and swollen.At this time, if the Eustachian tube is opened in time to adjust the pressure in the middle ear, the ear fullness will be reduced.If the ear fullness is further aggravated, tinnitus or even hearing loss may occur.

When the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the middle ear reaches a certain level, and it burdens the labyrinth of the inner ear, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, and hearing loss will occur.

5. When some minor accidents occur in the aircraft, such as a problem with the pressurization equipment in the cabin (or the glass window is broken and leaking), the air pressure suddenly drops at this time, and the traditional methods are invalid. You can only wear the aircraft earplugs.

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