What kind of vegetables are good for tinnitus?

Nervous tinnitus should eat more soy products, soy products are rich in calcium, which can fill the lack of calcium metabolism in the cochlea, so it can improve deafness and tinnitus.Soy products are also rich in iron to ensure blood snowballs in the ears, so it can prevent hearing loss.

Milk is very nutritious. To prevent and reduce neurotic tinnitus, we should drink more milk. Milk contains almost all the vitamins that our body needs. This is very helpful for calcium absorption, and can improve blood circulation and relieve deafness.

For the elderly, you should eat more fish, especially herring, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is very good for preventing hyperlipidemia and also has the effect of preventing presbycusis.Therefore, it is recommended to eat more fish frequently.

* Negative emotions such as depression and anxiety can induce tinnitus or aggravate the original tinnitus.With the help of a psychologist, negative emotions can be controlled.

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