Is there a specific cause of deafness in children?

     At present, there are about XNUMX million children with deafness in the world, which is almost XNUMX to XNUMX million in China.The child carries the hope of the whole family, and every move of the child involves the heart of the whole family, but the cruelty of the disease and the deafness of the child will affect the child’s physical and mental health.

2. Inheritance: Whether or not deafness occurs when using the above drugs is not only related to the dose and course of treatment, but also related to individual susceptibility.Susceptible children only need to use a small amount of medicine, and sometimes only one topical application can cause severe ear poisoning.This susceptibility is related to genetics. If someone in the family has drug-induced deafness, it is necessary to prohibit the use of such drugs in children.

4. Systemic diseases: such as mumps, influenza, typhoid fever, meningitis, diabetes and certain autoimmune diseases; diseases that occur in the ears include acute otitis media, chronic catarrhal otitis media, and foreign bodies in the external auditory canal.When the above-mentioned diseases occur, the possibility of hearing loss should be considered and hearing monitoring should be carried out in time.

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