Will deafness in the elderly cause Alzheimer’s disease?

      The occurrence of presbycusis is closely related to factors such as a person’s physique, health, hearing, environment, and degree of damage.Deafness is not an inevitable manifestation of the elderly.In recent years, sudden deafness among young and middle-aged adults has also attracted the attention of many young white-collar workers.

      From the elderly themselves, diligent study and diligent use of the brain are a good way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.Paying more attention to current affairs, communicating more with people, and participating more in various social activities can effectively prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.Therefore, the elderly should intervene as soon as possible after hearing loss. With the help of the development of modern technology,Hearing aid, Cochlear implants and other methods for auditory rehabilitation, so as to enjoy a healthy and happy old age.

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