Why do some people’s ears “flow oil”?Is it an unhealthy performance?

It can be seen that bran ears and oily ears are not manifestations of unhealthy body, but just different distinctions in the process of earwax formation.Whether it is oily ears or chaff ears, the presence of earwax is also beneficial to the health of the ears.When taking a bath, the water flows into the ears, the hearing is not damaged, but the earwax absorbs the moisture; there is a sudden loud noise in the outside world, and the hearing is not affected. The earwax also has a buffering effect, so that the ears will not be affected. I received a huge shock, which affected my hearing.

Relatively speaking, people with oily ears are a bit more troublesome and need to dig out their ears once every month or so.Otherwise, the earwax will not come out in the ears, it will be blocked for a long time, and the accumulated amount will be larger, which will affect the hearing and even the health of the ears.Other than that, there is nothing more.As for the relationship between oily ears and body odor, it is worth understanding.

Everyone is a common person, so everyone can’t avoid the interference of earwax. Whether it is dry ears or oily ears, long earwax is a normal phenomenon. Unless there are symptoms, it is generally not necessary to deal with it.In life, there are many cases of people hitting their ears when they pull out their ears. This generally leads to varying degrees of hearing loss. In severe cases, it is even difficult to recover.But if the earwax blocks the ear canal, then you may have symptoms such as hearing loss, and you should pay more attention at this time.

When cleaning oily ears, it is recommended that you regularly clean the ears with a sterile cotton swab.In the process of cleaning, you can pull the auricle back, and then wipe the secretions in the ear canal slightly, but be careful not to put the cotton swab deep into the ear canal to prevent damage to the skin of the ear canal. , This is very unfavorable to the health of the ears.The purpose of this is to prevent the ear canal from being too wet, and to prevent the oily substance flowing out of the ear from staying in the ear for a long time, because it will be prone to infection.

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