Can my ears be treated with hearing aids?

Bad ears, wear helpCan the hearing device be treated?

      If it is a sudden drop, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Secondly, you can go to the hearing institution to test your hearing. It depends on the specific situation.Hearing aid.In fact, the general hearing loss exceeds 40dB need to be equippedHearing aid(Normal hearing is within 25dB). Generally speaking, hearing aids delay hearing loss to maintain original speech discrimination and stimulate the deterioration of voice recognition. Hearing aids must speak slowly to hear clearly, or intervention as soon as possible

      Hearing aids cannot treat deafness, but they can assist listening and appropriately slow down hearing loss. Hearing aids are an amplifier whose function is to increase the intensity of sound energy and transmit it into the ear as undistorted as possible.If you have bad ears, it is still recommended to wear hearing aids as soon as possible.

      When we find that our hearing is having problems, we should intervene and treat early, and we must be as early as possible. Many deafness is temporary.听损, Once you miss the golden treatment time, the effect of treatment will be much worse, so we must be fast, and then we need to have an expectation in our hearts before buying hearing aids. Of course, this expectation must be reasonable, not too high, and not necessary If it is too low, do a little homework and learn about hearing aids so that you can be more sure of getting a good hearing aid.

      In fact, a hearing aid is just a special sound processor. It can amplify and adjust the external sound according to the needs of the patient to meet the hearing compensation requirements of the hearing loss patient and meet the daily life and work needs of the hearing impaired patient. It cannot replace the real Ear.Therefore, we must have a correct understanding of the effect of hearing aids and reasonable expectations.

XNUMX. Diseases and lesions that cause hearing impairment.The effects of fitting hearing aids on hearing loss caused by different diseases are also different.For example, the hearing loss caused by radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer will have a great impact on the effect, and there will be some instability.Other diseases such as otosclerosis, otitis media, cholesteatoma, Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, etc. are also different.

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