What is good hearing care?

Hearing care is very important in life. People who are born can get two eyes and get double insurance. Two ears are used to distinguish the sound balance, the body establishes speech and communicates and communicates between people. Multi-key protection of hearing.

4. The elderly, children, and patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and other concomitant diseases should be more alert to hearing loss or sudden deafness;

5. Actively cooperate with the doctor to take care of rest;

       The human auditory organ first occurs in the third week of pregnancy.By the third month of pregnancy, the tympanic membrane has been formed; at the fifth month of pregnancy, the development of the middle ear, ossicle and tympanum has been initially completed.The fetus has hearing at the end of six months, can hear the sound of the mother’s blood vessels, and feel the outside sound through the mother’s abdominal wall.Therefore, in order to cultivate children’s intelligence, people advocate early education. A newborn baby, if his hearing is normal, will soon learn to speak and sing through parental education and the stimulation of various sounds from the outside world. To go to school to gain knowledge, on the contrary, if he loses his hearing, the consequences are unimaginable.It can be seen that hearing and intelligence are closely related.Good hearing can make people respond sensitively; when hearing is poor, the reaction is slow and dementia appears.As the saying goes: “one deaf and three points stupid” is the truth.

       Good hearing care is not complicated. As long as you have patience, confidence, and perseverance, you will be able to do a good job in hearing care.

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