How can I protect my hearing?

       As the human body grows older, especially after the age of 50, various internal organs begin to age in varying degrees. This is actually a normal physiological process.The hearing loss of the ear is a typical example of aging.

6. Don’t take medicine when you are sick: Cold and fever are inevitable, but don’t take medicine indiscriminately. Don’t think it’s a normal cold. Just buy something for yourself. People have different physiques and have different allergies to medicines. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions, don’t take medicine indiscriminately. Taking medicine indiscriminately may cause hearing loss in mild cases and deafness in severe cases.

       Ears and eyes need careful care. Hearing conditions should be checked and tracked regularly. Once hearing problems are found, rehabilitation should be carried out as soon as possible. This may greatly reduce the occurrence and harm of deafness.If there is a hearing impairment, it should be reviewed regularly, and corresponding treatment and rehabilitation measures should be taken to prevent the hearing loss from further aggravating.

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