Is deafness caused by my child’s late speaking and illegible words?How to deal with it?

       Babies learn to speak, and they need to be able to hear outside sounds before they can gradually imitate and learn to speak.If the auditory organs are abnormal and cannot hear outside sounds, then they will not be able to imitate speech, and eventually they will not be able to speak.Babies with congenital deafness are just like ordinary people when they are born. They can’t speak until they are 2-3 years old, which attracts the attention of parents, but this time has missed the best period of early intervention.Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in newborn hearing screening.In addition to congenital deafness, some acquired factors such as drug damage (streptomycin), inflammation (otitis media), etc., may also cause hearing problems in babies, and ultimately hinder early childhood language development.

       Non-progressive brain damage caused by various reasons, such as cerebral palsy.With the continuous development of rehabilitation medicine, cerebral palsy is treatable, especially early diagnosis, early intervention and treatment can normalize many children with cerebral palsy.Premature delivery, low birth weight, asphyxia, hyperbilirubinemia, multiple births, primiparous birth, threatened abortion, infection, neonatal convulsions, and intracranial hemorrhage are high-risk factors that cause brain tissue damage.Therefore, it is necessary to actively take care of mothers during pregnancy and perinatal period to prevent premature delivery, dystocia, and suffocation, which are important measures to reduce brain damage in children.

       The sound organs include lungs, larynx, face, mouth muscles, hard palate, velopharyngeal muscles, tongue, mandible, etc. Due to abnormal sound organs, it may also cause language development disorders.If it is a child with abnormal articulation organs, surgery should be carried out as soon as possible, and timely to a formal rehabilitation training institution for systematic and standardized tongue and lip exercise training, pronunciation training and phonetic recognition training, etc., in order to correct the articulation error as soon as possible.Some children will have stuttering when they are young, and generally it will gradually improve or disappear with age, and only a few will continue to adulthood.Parents don’t have to worry too much. Too much attention will put a lot of psychological burden on the children, thereby increasing stuttering or prolonging the correction process.Avoid punishment, discrimination, teasing or deliberately imitating children’s stuttering, and encourage children to participate in group activities and exercises.In addition, rhythmic singing and recitation are helpful to children’s language training.

Some babies are born with strong language skills and speak early.However, some babies are relatively unwilling to speak, and parents may worry that it is caused by the baby’s intellectual problems.But the baby doesn’t like to speak, and the pronunciation is unclear. It may be caused by the wrong guidance of the parents, oral development problems, or other serious diseases. No matter what the reason, the parents find that the child speaks late and the pronunciation is unclear. In the case, it is necessary to find out the reason in time and deal with it in the most correct way to ensure that the baby can grow up healthy and smoothly.

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