Does a one-month-old baby have hearing?

One month oldDoes the child have hearing?

      Yes, the baby will undergo hearing screening within 48 hours after birth, and will be rechecked within a month.One month later, take the baby to the city hospital for re-screening, but it still has not passed. It is recommended to check again in three months.If you fail the three screening tests, you must pay attention and do other more professional hearing tests, such as ABRASSRtemporal bone CT, etc., to find out the cause and diagnose and treat it as soon as possible

For a month, I reacted to sudden sounds.At this time, the baby is just born, and the reaction will not be particularly strong. Generally, when he is awake, he will suddenly stretch out his hand to the sudden loud sound and wake up.

Ten months to call the nickname will turn back and imitate the speech.

In eleven or two months, I can point out the direction, point out the facial features, and be curious about outdoor sounds.

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