What are the hazards of deafness and how to protect it?

What are the dangers of deafnessHow to protect it from harm?

     Generally speaking, when you discovered that you have a hearing problem, in fact, your hearing loss may have occurred for several years. Not only has your hearing slowly declined during these years, the brain’s ability to distinguish and analyze language has also begun to deteriorate.In other words, the overall auditory function is deteriorating, and the specific manifestation is the inability to hear or hear other people’s speech.

     The deterioration of auditory function is difficult to reverse, especially the physiological deterioration of the inner ear tissue structure cannot be restored by medical means.In audiology, hearing aids can be used for hearing and speech rehabilitation to help you recover part of your listening and speaking functions.The auditory organs are used in and out.

(4) The elderly cannot hear, the content of sound information input to the brain is reduced, and the brain’s ability to distinguish sound information is reduced, which further aggravates the hearing impairment, which is manifested by the faster speech speed, the brain has no time to distinguish and process the sound information, and often listens To the sound, I don’t understand the meaning.As a result, the elderly are less willing to communicate with others and listen less frequently. This often results in loneliness, depression, or irritability in the elderly, a decline in the quality of life, and some are also prone to senile dementia.

(5) Studies at home and abroad have shown that as long as children have mild to moderate hearing loss, their language development and intellectual development will be affected.

8. Avoid using the “walkman” for a long time.High-volume audio sounds cause fatigue and damage to the auditory organs, leading to hearing loss and even deafness.

1. You should pay attention to hearing protection from the beginning of the child, such as itching in the ear, do not use unclean matches or hairpins to dig the ear, so as not to cause otitis externa.Swimming enthusiasts can plug the external ear canal with cotton soaked with sterile petroleum jelly ointment before entering the water to prevent sewage from entering the ear.People with colds are often accompanied by acute rhinitis and runny nose.When the nose is not ventilated, press the nose firmly. Due to the air pressure, the nasal mucus in the nasal cavity enters the middle ear through the Eustachian tube that communicates with the middle ear, causing otitis media.

2. The elderly often go out for activities and listen to natural sounds such as wind, rain, and bird calls.Studies have shown that these natural sounds are helpful for hearing protection and can be pleasant to the mood.If you have limited mobility or time is not allowed, downloading similar audio files on the Internet can also have the same effect.But when listening, it is not recommended to wear headphones, it is best to use low volume loudspeaker mode.

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