How to communicate with children with hearing loss?

12. When watching TV or movies, subtitles may be helpful.

There are different degrees of hearing loss. The International Health Organization (WHO-1997) classifies hearing loss as follows:
It is normal that the average hearing loss is less than or equal to 25 decibels;

The average hearing loss is between 26 and 40 decibels, which is mildHearing loss;
The average hearing loss is between 41 and 60 decibels, which is a moderate hearing loss;
The average hearing loss is between 61 and 80 decibels, which is a severe hearing loss;
An average hearing loss greater than or equal to 81 decibels is a severe hearing loss.

      Hearing impaired with severe hearing or higher must bring hearing aids to communicate.We should treat them as normal children to communicate and treat them normally.Pay attention to your child’s self-esteem, and more importantly, improve your child’s self-confidence, which can help your child get out of inferiority complex
      Moderate and below-moderate hearing impairment, some may not be neededHearing aid.But I personally think that in the learning stage, especially the basic knowledge of voice, it is recommended to wearHearing aid, So that the basic pronunciation can be heard clearly and the child can pronounce it correctly.If you don’t wear a hearing aid, your child may ignore some differences in pronunciation. Over time, it will cause a bad habit of substandard pronunciation.

       All in all, no matter what kind of hearing loss is, it is a natural or acquired injury to the child.These children’s heart doors are easy to close because of hearing loss, and they are not easy to open.Over time, a taciturn personality may be formed, so as a parent, you must pay attention to it.It is very important and necessary to improve the self-confidence of these children.

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