Which jobs are likely to become high-risk occupations for deafness?


This is a highlight of the city at night. Being in such an environment is often deafening. The noise level is usually higher than 115 decibels. It is difficult to hear clearly. However, most bartenders, doormen, DJs and other nightclubs work People working in such an environment for a long time can easily cause hearing loss. Therefore, necessary noise protection equipment and regular hearing checks are necessary.

When working with electric tools or machinery, there will be a relatively high level of noise.When ore is mined, the noise level is also very high.Up to 135 decibels.Therefore, the occupation of miners also requires regular hearing checks to protect both ears.

Racing is already a very common activity. Not only can you feel the thrill of the engine, but the racers will also face a deafening phenomenon. The noise level at this time can reach 135 decibels.Therefore, for the profession of racing drivers, ear protection must be done in order to reduce the risk of hearing loss.

1. Airport ground staff

It is recommended that people who have been exposed to these high-intensity noises for a long time should strengthen their hearing protection awareness, regularly check their hearing conditions, and use earplugs, earmuffs and other protective measures when conditions permit.

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