Why is hearing loss irreversible?

The hair cells and nerve cells that give us hearing are only produced during embryonic development.Once damaged or lost, it cannot be regenerated.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis tried to use growth factors to culture hair cells in vitro, hoping to restore hearing through this method, but this work will take more than ten years to make substantial progress.Dr. Rafay Holmer, Director of Biomedical Research at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, said: “We currently have no treatment to restore permanent hearing loss.”

The method of culturing hair cells in vitro has not been clinically verified. At present, wearing hearing aids is an effective solution for sensorineural hearing loss.When a patient with hearing loss is diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, wear it as soon as possibleHearing aid, To prevent the brain from being uncomfortable with the language for a long time without contact with sound, causing hearing loss to gradually increase and affecting communication.The growth and development process of mammals is different from that of non-mammalian animals. The hair cells in the inner ear cannot repair themselves, resulting in irreversible hearing loss.

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