About the difference and purpose of VC (volume knob) and PBS (program button)

XNUMX. Definition of the two

1. VC volume control is also called volume knob.

2. PBS program switching is also called program button.

 Two, the difference between the two

1. VC:

2. PBS program switching:

Two, the choice of the two :

      1. For users with high coordination ability, and end users are away Fitting The center is closer, it is recommended to use the PBS program to switch.Because this is not only good for debugging, but also won’t cause dissatisfaction because the user is not familiar with the hearing aid controls.

For example, the user’s own speech recognition rate is good (70%), and after a period of time (three months) to adapt to the two ears, they want to go to different environments to communicate. At this time, you can set A/ B/C/D program.If program A sets a quiet environment (indoor environment), there is no need to turn on the noise reduction to the maximum. You can leave it alone or turn it on at 6dB or lower. Basically, you don’t need to turn on the Super Quiet King. The input method is omnidirectional. Program B is set to traffic environment, the volume is lower than program A, the MOP setting is smaller, the noise reduction should be increased or turned on to the maximum, and the super quiet king can also be turned on. If this hearing aid is configured with dual microphones, select the input Directional microphone or intelligent directional conversion, etc.

       2. For users who are far away from the fitting center, it is recommended to use VC, so that users can adjust the volume by themselves to a wider range, and avoid going back and forth to the fitting center due to the sound level.

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