How to judge the noise pollution in life?

      Because places with a lot of people usually have a lot of noise, so be careful not to make your home in these places as much as possible. It can be said that all kinds of screams are endless and it can be very annoying.Even at home, there will be a feeling of being in a vegetable market.At night, like the sound of punching from a food stall, the sound of persuading drinking will linger in your ears for a long time, and even make you insomnia for a long time.

      Square dancing is more popular now, and life in these places will be greatly affected.Some slightly larger squares are definitely a source of noise pollution. Originally you want to take a good rest, but some businesses often engage in promotional activities, which are filled with the sound of games and shouts. How can people sleep peacefully? .In normal times, the square dance performed by Chinese aunts in the square is even more amazing. The fast pace from the tweeter can almost suffocate you.

The station is not only for people coming and going, but also for cars coming and going.The station itself is a public place and a place with serious noise pollution. Especially like some small bus stations, the situation is not very optimistic. In addition to the noise made by its own people, there will be some noises of vehicles soliciting passengers. These operating buses are basically privately contracted. In order to attract more passengers, they often roam around the exits while loudly soliciting passengers.

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