Common “Three Musketeers” in ear diseases: tinnitus, otitis media and sudden deafness

At present, common ear diseases such as tinnitus, otitis media and sudden deafness are seriously threatening people’s hearing health.

Relevant data show that of the 1.3 million tinnitus patients in China, about 1 million are middle-aged and young people, and the trend of tinnitus onset is developing towards a younger trend.

If your tinnitus disappears automatically in 1-2 days, then you need to rest a lot, and you don’t need to be too nervous; but if it is persistent tinnitus, you can’t ignore its existence, and you should treat it as soon as possible.

The symptoms of acute otitis media are more prominent. Patients will show sudden ear pain, often accompanied by symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and coughs.If the above symptoms occur, do not ignore them easily, and seek medical attention in time to avoid delay in treatment.

Sudden deafness should be treated immediately after the onset of deafness. The best time to see a doctor is within one week. About 80% of them can be cured or hearing partially recovered. If the treatment is more than two weeks, the effect is very unsatisfactory.

Xiao Ou is here to remind everyone that the health of the ears is closely related to our quality of life. Once problems occur, they should be treated in time!

Link:      Common "Three Musketeers" in ear diseases: tinnitus, otitis media and sudden deafness

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