Is it necessary for newborns to undergo hearing screening?Why?

      After the baby is born, the doctor will do a comprehensive examination for the baby to determine whether the baby has some problems and whether it is healthy.There are many tests after the baby is born, such as hearing screening, blood test, etc.

       A few years ago, the United States stipulated that only babies belonging to 11 high-risk conditions need to receive hearing screening. These conditions include: congenital brain malformations, children with Down syndrome, babies living in ICU wards for more than 2 days, and maternal use during pregnancy. Ototoxic drugs, rubella virus during pregnancy, etc.However, the medical staff later discovered that this practice would cause the screen to be missed, and about half of the hearing damage occurred in normal children.Therefore, the United States revised its regulations in 2003 to require all newborns to be screened.


      9个月的婴儿已开始会叫爸爸妈妈, 为此把7~12个月的期间称为初始学语期 人类听觉系统的发育自降生后即开始,1岁以后,言语中枢逐渐发育,至2岁时已可迅速习得言语,7岁以前为最佳言语获得期。所以对于聋儿必须早期干预。如果没有进行听力筛查,一旦错过语言发育的最佳时期,结果就成了聋哑人。所以听力筛查是重要的而且是迫切的!

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